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This post marks the beginning of a project that has long been in the conceptual stages. In preparation for my dissertation, I scoured the net time and time again to find information on Salman Rushdie. While there appears to be a vast amount of interesting sites and links concerning the famous author, I find it is scattered and incomplete.

I would like to dedicate this site to all of the interested Rushdie scholars out there. Please be patient while the project is underway and the site is under construction. In the meantime, your ideas, suggestions, and data are welcome! If you know of information that should be on this site, but is not, please pass it along.

Tawnya Ravy is a PhD candidate at The George Washington University. She is currently writing her dissertation on Salman Rushdie in the 21st Century, and she is the creator of the digital humanities project the Salman Rushdie Archive. She is also one of the founding members and current secretary of the Rushdie International Society. Follow her @litambitions and/or salmanrushdiearchive.com  


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